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Dear Players,

It's been 6 months since we opened Acheron MU and now it's time to move on to the next level together!
Season 15 is over and now it's time to introduce you to the latest version of MU Online - the long-awaited Season 16!

Season 16 is coming with new Strength and Energy based character - Gun Crusher, new maps, new events, new skills, new pets, new items and many more!
We will also introduce some new server settings to improve the condition of the server!

The server will be shut down for a few weeks while we set up the new version of the game.
All accounts will be saved! All players who have purchased WCoins during Season 15, will be able to receive them again, upon request.

Very soon we will put a counter on the site to show the remaining time until the opening of the new server!
Thank you for being a part of Acheron MU Season 15 and we hope to see you very soon!

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