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CountryClassCharacterResetsGrand ResetsLocation
2Mystic MageRindrey327Deep Dungeon 4
3Mystic MageMagePro177Nixie Lake
4Mystic MagePhuongVu67Abyss of Atlans 2
6Mystic MageNair753Kubera Mine 4
7Mystic MagePrinceSsJK962Deep Dungeon 4
8Mystic MageGuinomoO1001Abyss of Atlans 2
9Mystic MageKouklara781Ferea
10Mystic MageSirena141Ferea
11Mystic MageAnastasia51Lorencia
12Mystic MageHana11Lorencia
13Mystic MageLemLem1000Swamp of Darkness
14Mystic MageCococ1000Deep Dungeon 2
15Mystic MageHomHom3880Abyss of Atlans 1
16Mystic MageMageJW800Abyss of Atlans 2
17Mystic MageNude540Kanturu 2
18Mystic MageYukimi530Nixie Lake
19ArchmageamaMOO520Blood Castle 5
20Mystic MageWhiteSnow480Swamp of Darkness
21Mystic MageLuminia460Abyss of Atlans 3
23Mystic MageTelescope370Swamp of Darkness
24Mystic MageTightly350Swamp of Darkness
25Mystic MageBuffBan350Deep Dungeon 2
Last update on 1 Jun, 2023 - 05:05 AM

Event Timers
Boss Timers
  • KundunEvery
    Starts1 hour
  • ErohimEvery
    Starts12 hours
  • NightmareEvery
    Starts6 hours
  • SelupanEvery
    Starts2 hours
  • MedusaEvery
    Starts1 hour
  • Lord SilvesterEvery
    Starts2 hours
  • Core MagriffyEvery
    Starts2 hours
  • Lord of FereaEvery
    Starts2 hours
  • NixEvery
    Starts3 hours
  • God of DarknessEvery
    Starts3 hours
  • MinibossesEvery
    Starts1 hour